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Transform Patient Care Through Regenerative Medicine

ACell’s platform MatriStem UBM™ technology facilitates the body’s ability to remodel functional tissue1.  Our mission is to leverage that technology to help patients around the world.

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Cytal® Wound Matrix

Cytal is a highly conformable, pre-fenestrated sheet that is available in multiple sizes and thicknesses to allow for tailored wound management.

Gentrix® Surgical Matrix

Gentrix is a resorbable, non-crosslinked surgical device designed to strengthen and support the repair of soft tissue defects including ventral, parastomal, and hiatal hernias.


MicroMatrix is an easy to apply, fully-resorbable particulate that provides intimate contact with wounds and is ideal for irregular or tunneling wounds.

Cytal® Burn Matrix

Cytal  Burn Matrix devices are non-crosslinked scaffolds that allow for the repair and remodeling of soft tissue that has been damaged by second degree burns.


ABRA System pulls muscle planes and skin together from their lateral retracted state with dynamic appositional traction facilitating primary closure.

Notice to Healthcare Professionals and Other Entities on ACell’s Settlement with the Department of Justice: Learn More

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Access information on product ordering, reimbursement, and professional education opportunities.

Our Company

ACell is a leading regenerative medicine company that develops and manufactures products designed to facilitate the body’s ability to repair and remodel tissue.

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