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ACell®, Inc. Announces National Launch of Dynamic Tissue Systems® Product Portfolio

Family of Six Devices is Designed to Facilitate Primary Closure in Complex Cases

Columbia, MD – (November 7, 2017) – ACell, Inc. today announced the launch of the Dynamic Tissue Systems (DTS) portfolio of products. The DTS product portfolio includes six devices designed to facilitate primary closure of complex soft tissue defects in a variety of clinical settings, such as retracted mid-line abdominal defects or fasciotomies.

The devices provide dynamic appositional forces, or “cyclic stretching,” which counter the natural retraction of open defects. Continuous cyclic stretching returns skin and muscle to a more dynamic state, which can lead to reapproximation of the tissue and primary closure.

“Primary closure is the gold standard, and the DTS products give physicians a new option for treating their most challenging cases,” said Patrick A. McBrayer, President and CEO. “These products represent ACell’s commitment to offering solutions that help physicians efficiently achieve closure, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for patients.”

“Delayed closure can impose significant costs on the healthcare system due to extended length of stay and associated short-term morbidity risks. In addition to the clinical benefits of primary wound closure, we believe the DTS products can offer an economic benefit to the healthcare system by driving faster closure of soft tissue defects. ACell is particularly excited to offer the ABRA Abdominal device, which is designed to be used for large abdominal defects, to a broader market,” said Hazem Elariny, M.D., Medical Director.

About ACell, Inc.

ACell, Inc. is a leading regenerative medicine company dedicated to helping patients get back to their normal lives. We leverage our cutting-edge platform technology and advanced regenerative science with the aim of solving complex clinical problems in healing.

About Dynamic Tissue Systems

The Dynamic Tissue Systems line of products includes ABRA® Abdominal, ABRA® Surgical, ABRA® Adhesive, DynaClose®, SutureSafe®, and DynaStretch®. These products are indicated for use in controlling, reducing, or closing retracted soft tissue defects. DynaStretch Strips can be used for pre-surgical skin expansion. ACell is the exclusive US distributor of the DTS line of products.

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