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ACell, Inc. Announces Series of Research Milestones for Gentrix Surgical Matrix Product Family

Columbia, MD—(May 1, 2018) – ACell, Inc. today announced three significant research milestones focused on its Gentrix Surgical Matrix family of devices for use in hernia repair. Gentrix® Surgical Matrix devices, comprised of ACell’s proprietary MatriStem UBM™ (Urinary Bladder Matrix) technology, may be utilized for a variety of complex hernia and abdominal wall repairs.

New data will be presented at the renowned Biologic Scaffolds for Regenerative Medicine meeting in Napa, CA on May 5. The presentation, titled “Host response and mechanical characterization of UBM and dermal ECM (Extracellular Matrix) in an ovine model of fascial repair,” will detail results in a pre-clinical model of hernia repair.

In addition, the article, “Retro-rectus repair of incisional ventral hernia with urinary bladder matrix reinforcement in a long-term porcine model”, has been accepted by the journal Regenerative Medicine for publication this month.

Finally, the abstract, “Complex incisional hernia repair with biologically-derived graft: 64 cases with 3 years follow-up”, will be presented in both poster and podium format at the Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Symposium to be held June 7-9 in Washington, DC. The presentation will cover long-term follow up for ventral hernia repairs reinforced with Gentrix Surgical Matrix devices. The research was selected as one of the top abstracts submitted to the meeting.

“ACell is making significant investments in our hernia repair program, including a strategic focus on research investigating the use of our Gentrix Surgical Matrix family of products in ventral and incisional hernia repair,” said Patrick McBrayer, President & CEO. “We believe our devices offer surgeons and patients a unique solution for complex abdominal wall repair that is different from other products on the market.”

“The research being published on the use of the Gentrix Surgical Matrix product family has the potential to change the way we think about durable hernia repair,” said Thomas Gilbert, PhD, Chief Science Officer. “The positive pre-clinical results provide insights regarding tissue remodeling and biomechanical functionality that may help to explain the robust long-term outcomes reported in the clinical setting. I believe these data form a foundation that may ultimately lead to improved quality of life for patients.”

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