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Clinical Applications



ACell’s wound care products are medical devices that maintain and support a healing environment by facilitating remodeling of site-appropriate tissue. Comprised of biologically-derived urinary bladder matrix (UBM), they maintain an intact epithelial basement membrane. Cytal® Burn Matrix devices are indicated for second degree burns.

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Second Degree Burns

Second degree burns affect the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. Current approaches for the management of burns, such as skin grafting, can often result in scarring and contracture which can impair tissue functionality. Cytal Burn Matrix devices are designed for second degree burn management and have been shown to facilitate the body’s ability to remodel site appropriate tissue. The devices can facilitate ingrowth of vascularized tissue to support skin graft take18-19. The product can also be used to manage wounds to full closure without the need for autologous skin grafting18.

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