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Clinical Applications



Gentrix® Surgical Matrix devices are intended for the reinforcement of soft tissue where weakness exists, which may include a variety of hernia repairs including ventral hernias, hiatal hernias, and parastomal hernias.


Ventral Hernias

Gentrix Surgical Matrix devices can be utilized in a variety of complex hernia repairs.

  • In pre-clinical models of ventral hernia repair, the devices have been shown to fully remodel into tissue that offers the optimal strength needed for repair20, 1
  • Because the product fully resorbs, it can minimize the risk of costly complications such as foreign body response, erosion, and infection that can occur with synthetic alternatives3-7
  • In addition, a recent retrospective study demonstrated patient outcomes in complicated hernia rates with only 4% recurrence rate at 24 months (based on Kaplan-Meier Freedom from Recurrence analysis) and 15.6% at 36 months21

Hiatal Hernias

Several Gentrix Surgical Matrix products can be used for hiatal hernia repair.  The devices remodel into the host tissue, minimizing the risk of erosion or complication. It maintain the integrity of the hiatal hernia repair by facilitating the formation of biomechanically functional tissue.

  • Comes in a pre-cut “U-Shaped” design
  • Is designed to be easily handled and secured in laparoscopic surgery22-24, 3-4
  • Minimizes attachments from surrounding viscera25

Patient Education

Hernia Mesh Alternatives is an online resource designed to help individuals learn more about hernias and Gentrix as an option for hernia repairs. Review commonly asked questions and the risk factors associated with different hernia repair options.

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