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Clinical Applications

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Open Abdomens

The ABRA® Abdominal System pulls muscle planes and skin together from their lateral retracted state with dynamic appositional traction, facilitating primary closure15


Open Abdomens

An abdomen may be left open by clinicians for a variety of reasons including managing infections, planning for serial surgeries, or managing intrabdominal pressure16. If an abdomen is left open, the oblique muscles will begin to contract until the abdominal wall can no longer be primarily closed.

Traditionally this condition would be treated with a component separation, planned ventral hernia, or by bridging the gap with a mesh; leaving the patient with a loss of muscular function, an increased risk for complications down the road, or a poor cosmetic outcome17. However the ABRA Abdominal system can return the option of a primary closure to these patients.


Other Retracted Wounds/Skin

A retracted skin defect like a dehiscence or a fasciotomy can present challenges for closure and sometimes may require a skin graft to achieve closure. However the ABRA Surgical and ABRA Adhesive devices provide a novel solution for this problem that can return the option of a primary closure. These devices apply chronic cyclic tension that gradually brings the tissues back together.

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